ABOUT KASUBA's inner safari quest


Anyone aged 10+ seeking to take control of their life's journey


Kasuba’s Inner Safari Quest is told using a safari as an analogy for how we navigate through life. It may not come in the same form as Kasuba’s, but the story line usually goes something like this. You face a challenge or a major change in your life; a move to a new town, new school, or even a new grade, you need to start over, but you don’t know how to, or you simply don’t want to. You either reject it or embrace it, but one way or the other you have to learn how to evolve and create a new normal for yourself. Challenges are not reserved for adults; we face obstacles and fears even as young children. The answer, as you will learn from Kasuba’s journey, is that by embracing life’s changes and trusting your inner voice, you will rediscover your true self.  When you realise that being yourself is all that really matters, you will come to the universal truth, that it’s cool to be you!

Set in the Luangwa Valley the central character Kasuba (sun) learns to look at life through a different perspective when she befriends a group of animals in the valley. They teach her about how they live with, and respect nature. Through them she learns that mother nature is always showing us what to do, proving for us, sometimes we can sit back and let things unfold, but at other times we must participate in the unfoldment of things.


If you read this book you will learn how to:


✦    Be able to embrace change while feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

✦     Understand that the voice within in them is the only one that truly matters.

✦      Listen to and trust their inner voice.


Because the book will:


✦     Provide a unique way of facing obstacles and change through this physical and metaphorical journey.

✦    Show the reader how to recognise and trust their inner voice.

✦    Equip the reader with tools that they can use when they face fear and are   resistant to change


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Kasuba's Inner Safari Quest: A Journey of Self-Discovery & Overcoming Your Fears by Being True to Yourself