Your Guide

Bwalya Penza

Born in Lusaka, Zambia and educated in England, Bwalya is an author, speaker and certified Adventures in Wisdom Coach. She teaches children how to thrive as they navigate their way through life. She is very passionate about coaching children to become the best that they can be, to be their real selves, and to create the life they desire!

Bwalya’s mission statement is: ‘Just Be, because being who you are is all that really matters.’ She founded Inner Safari Quest to help children to rediscover their true selves, and just be.

Kasuba's Inner Safari Quest is her first book, which she plans to turn into a series.


PERSONAL COACHING: Individual one on one/Coaching sessions/Face-to-face or online/Tailor made packages/Self-discovery/Personal Development and Empowerment/ Boost your self-esteem and confidence/Transform limiting beliefs.


GROUP COACHING: Group size of four–ten children/similar age groups/face to face/Personal Discovery/Personal Development and Empowerment/Boost self-esteem and confidence/Transform limiting beliefs.


EMPOWERING ONE DAY SEMINARS: To encourage personal growth that transforms your life to go from where you are to where you want to be with the guidance of a qualified Life Coach.


CREATIVE SPACES: Safari workshops and retreats on specific topics or themes/Building Resilience/Self-esteem/Self-confidence/Standing up to peer pressure/Creating your vision board for success.


FACILITATION: Design, organise, and facilitate conferences, workshops, seminars, and away days for schools, and other children’s groups.